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Since Remotefinder performed pretty bad in ealier Version I did some comparisons on pure file transfer rates.

Slow Link (up to 11 MBit)

In this catergory, remotefinder is as fast as any other program I've tested. If you test significantly different rates, please let me know.

100 MBit

Raw performance on a large file (700 MByte) on an empty 100 mbit Network between an Mac OS X Powerbook G4 800 and an OpenBSD Athlon 1300. All rates are KB/s and rounded to the nearest 100s.

Program Upload Download
FTP 8800 8800
Samba 7500 7500
Command Line SCP 5600 5600
Fugu 4600 4000
RemoteFinder 3600 2800


If you are interesed in raw speed and are constantly copying large files over a fast connection, with no other machines in the network, use a different program. If you are interested in ease of use, and background downloads, use RemoteFinder.

Even if you decide on a different program, it might be good to check back to this site once in a while, since I am already planning new performance features.